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The publisher and editors of Ancient Narrative have decided that, starting with Volume 10, Ancient Narrative will be an open access journal - meaning that the online version of Volume 10 and following will be free for all. There will also be a printed version of AN Volume 10 and following which must be paid for and which is open to subscription. We will also gradually give free access to the earlier volumes of AN which are now open to subscribers only.

Back issues
Please see the Shop page.

Access to the online version
Individual subscribers get access through username and password.
Institutional subscribers get access through IP address checking.

AN publishes supplements on an irregular basis, but we hope to publish one supplement per year on average.

Starting with Supplementum 13 the supplements of Ancient Narrative will be published in print only, and no longer be available online on this website.

The printed supplements are not included in the subscription (price), and must be ordered and paid separately.  

The printed volumes of the Ancient Narrative Supplements can be purchased on the website of the publisher at  or through your academic bookseller.